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Hey readers! welcome back to SFDesiGirl and thank you for reading and liking my blogs so far. It’s been about ten months since I have been blogging about my love for fashion and beautiful San Francisco city that I live in along with my travelogue and since then I have joined several other websites that are blogger’s paradise including Bloglovin, LookBook (for my fashion book), Instagram, Twitter, GooglePlus and recently I became a part of BlogAdda bloggers network. So, if you enjoy reading blogs and want to subscribe to my blog, you can now easily  do that on BlogAdda. Also, another very easy way to get updates of not only my most recent blogs but also about my every day life in San Francisco city is to connect with me on Facebook here!

Feel free to leave me a comment on any of the blogs or on my facebook page to let me know of any suggestions that you might have. Blogging is a social activity and its so exciting that I can reach to the readers from all over the world through my blog. Not only this, I have joined many bloggers network and have started following many other bloggers that not only interest me but also inspire me to keep going.

If you are one of either a reader or a blogger yourself, I would love to stay in touch with you on several online platforms that I use, so find me and connect with me today on any of these networking sites that you like the most:









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