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Last Vacation at Virginia City!

Reno Nevada

Wherein most of the places try to modernize to become another famous city, Virginia city reminds me to stay original as its authenticity makes me fall in love with it!

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Recently back from a mini vacation, I can’t wait to share my wonderful experience with you and to start about it, I am going to tell you about the city I fell in love for its uniqueness. If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram, you might already know that was in Reno, Virginia city and Lake Tahoe last weekend. All the 3 places were full of surprises for me and I am going to talk about them in 3 separate blogs as one won’t be enough!
We stayed at a friends place in Reno and they decided to show is this unbelievable city that I couldn’t even think of for its existence. About 26 miles from Reno, there is this small and authentic city of Nevada state whose flavor will blow your mind (and I call it a flavor coz it’s taste is still in my mouth, literally!). As I entered the city, I couldn’t believe it’s a real place as it looked like a Hollywood movie set. People in here dress like 1860, carry guns with them, drink in saloons and live in 1860’s houses!

Looking at those women wearing vintage clothes, I first thought it’s because of Easter! But I realized that’s how everyone in Virginia city is. Many people who were obsessed with 1860’s American culture, moved to this city and they did an amazing job in preserving it!

Virginia city was full of surprises for me because as I entered, I was amazed and was in shock with extremely old buildings/houses, only of the buildings had a dentists board on its windows and it looked to retro!
I was just trying to absorb the authenticity here and came to know there is a shelter dog’s parade for Easter right as we entered the city. In the beginning I thought it would a normal parade with city’s cops/senators waving their hands at us but no! This was the cutest parade I have even been to. There were over one hundred shelter dogs walking the parade, from so many different breeds! Hell, there was pug, my first dog love ever!!!! As my health melted looking at all those beautiful dogs (including the ones I ever wanted to have), I felt disappointed as dogs are not allowed in my building 🙁 so yes, I couldn’t shelter them.

Following the dogs, there were people all dressed in their vintage clothes, greeting us with Easter candies (my mouth still tastes sweet backed of those candies!). Dogs and Easter candies, surely it was a great day for kids and that’s what I am from heart lol :p

Here are some of the things you should visit Virginia city for:

  1. Its 1860’s American culture, here is the closest you can feel it!
  2. To shop really cool things. You will find amazing things like wooden sound amplifier(its like a glass, you put your phone in it and music is 4 times louder!), antiques, cowboy clothes/hats, candles that smell so good, wine holders that glows and smell great and a number of cool things all at very low price!
  3. Eat! If you eat meat, there are great steakhouses in Virginia city. I am vegetarian so I went to this amazing Mexican restaurant (thanks to our friend Jacob!) called Cafe Del Rio and their today’s special were vegetarian tamales. Those were the best tamales I’ve ever eaten as they had some vegetable filling in it and not just cheddar cheese! Also, I had quinoa burger, which was yummm (and hopefully delicious!).
  4. Ghostly adventures: If you are one of them who like ghost stories, you will find many haunted houses here that people believe are really haunted (my friend had an experience here which she believes was scary :|).
  5. To drink beer in Saloon! It is a kind of bar in old west that served cow boys, gamblers, miner and prospectors. I had my drink at this amazing saloon that had a live band and was full of people. Off course, live band was dressed in 1860’s and was playing songs from that era (they are so great!).

I also bought a few raffle tickets to a gun, so I hope that I win!!! Most of the cowboys here carry a gun and I was fascinated to win one by luck, although I could barely hold it! While leaving, I could barely say good bye to Virginia City as I was hoping to stay longer but I know that I will go back there again as I love the city and I have to write more about it 🙂

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