Best of 2015 Fashion at SFDesiGirl!

Happy New Year to all fabulous readers!

Happy New Year from SFDesiGirl

As most of you who follow me on facebook already know that I was celebrating New Year in Las Vegas, so I din’t get enough time to wish you all a Happy New Year on the blog. Today, I decided to dedicate a blog to you all fabulous people out there who stayed connected with me through this blog and loved me with your encouraging comments. I had to write this bog to thank you all for following me on facebook and it is exhilarating to see the number of followers growing every day! I wouldn’t have been such a consistent blogger without your support.

It has been only about 10 months since I started SFDesiGirl blog and some of you might have missed my earlier posts. Going back to those pictures is an amazing memory of how I figured everything about the website, developed as a blogger, connected with you all on social networking platforms and I know it’s just a start. So today, I will take you back to my 2015 and show you how it has been for me as a blogger. I hope you enjoy my last year and wish you all a great year ahead. XO

Best of 2015 Fashion blogs at SFDesiGirl – Feel free to click on any of the blog headings to read and know about latest fashion trends!

1. The Valentine’s day Blog:


2. When I became a college student in San Francisco:

Cheers to Summer and Bright Colors!

Cheers to Summer and Bright Colors!


3. When I wrote about Off the Grid food truck festival in San Francisco:



4. Making my formal clothes trendier! 



5. The day I dressed as a princess using my Indian accessories at Palace of Fine Arts:



6. A fun trip to Treasure Island Flea Market:

Robot and his pet dog.

Robot and his pet dog.


7. While discovering my fashion style, I tried this retro look right before my India trip of year 2015:

Feeling Retro inside out!

Feeling Retro inside out!


8. Enjoying summer in Mount Abu India!


9. When I fell in love with the spexy look!



10. When I wore the same shirt in different way for 10 days!

SFDesiGirl Blog

Tie a belt, make it shirt dress.


11. Summer 2015 was even more beautiful with this simple H&M dress:SFDesiGirl Talks


12. Celebrating American Independence – what a fun day!

SFDesiGirl Talks


13. The day SFDesiGirl was a Bohemian Chick:

Boho Chick look

Boho Chick look


14. I was fortunate to enjoy international dance performances at Palace of Fine Arts as a guest member:SFDesiGirl Talks


15. My summer 2015 couldn’t be perfect without a beach trip to Muir woods: SFDesiGirl Talks


16. I also talked about tricks on looking thinner than you actually are!SFDesiGirl Talks


17. Loved combining the street art with fashion on this blog – one of my favorites!SFDesiGirl Talks


18. What to wear to a winery blog from Napa Valley:

DSCN1780 (2304 x 1728)


19. SFDesiGirl at UCARNIVAL in San Jose:




20. My Halloween 2015 as a Cat Woman:

catwoman halloween makeup


21. Expressed my love of animals at Oakland zoo:DSCN1896 (2304 x 1728)


22. Celebrated Christmas in San Francisco city:Christmas Santa


23. Explored lightening houses of South San Francisco!

Christmas in San Francisco


24. Danced around Christmas Trees in San Francisco city!

DSCN2048 (1728 x 2304)



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