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Best of 2015 Fashion at SFDesiGirl!

Happy New Year from SFDesiGirl

Happy New Year to all fabulous readers!

Happy New Year from SFDesiGirl

As most of you who follow me on facebook already know that I was celebrating New Year in Las Vegas, so I din’t get enough time to wish you all a Happy New Year on the blog. Today, I decided to dedicate a blog to you all fabulous people out there who stayed connected with me through this blog and loved me with your encouraging comments. I had to write this bog to thank you all for following me on facebook and it is exhilarating to see the number of followers growing every day! I wouldn’t have been such a consistent blogger without your support.

It has been only about 10 months since I started SFDesiGirl blog and some of you might have missed my earlier posts. Going back to those pictures is an amazing memory of how I figured everything about the website, developed as a blogger, connected with you all on social networking platforms and I know it’s just a start. So today, I will take you back to my 2015 and show you how it has been for me as a blogger. I hope you enjoy my last year and wish you all a great year ahead. XO

Best of 2015 Fashion blogs at SFDesiGirl – Feel free to click on any of the blog headings to read and know about latest fashion trends!

1. The Valentine’s day Blog:


2. When I became a college student in San Francisco:

Cheers to Summer and Bright Colors!
Cheers to Summer and Bright Colors!


3. When I wrote about Off the Grid food truck festival in San Francisco:



4. Making my formal clothes trendier! 



5. The day I dressed as a princess using my Indian accessories at Palace of Fine Arts:



6. A fun trip to Treasure Island Flea Market:

Robot and his pet dog.
Robot and his pet dog.


7. While discovering my fashion style, I tried this retro look right before my India trip of year 2015:

Feeling Retro inside out!
Feeling Retro inside out!


8. Enjoying summer in Mount Abu India!


9. When I fell in love with the spexy look!



10. When I wore the same shirt in different way for 10 days!

SFDesiGirl Blog
Tie a belt, make it shirt dress.


11. Summer 2015 was even more beautiful with this simple H&M dress:SFDesiGirl Talks


12. Celebrating American Independence – what a fun day!

SFDesiGirl Talks


13. The day SFDesiGirl was a Bohemian Chick:

Boho Chick look
Boho Chick look


14. I was fortunate to enjoy international dance performances at Palace of Fine Arts as a guest member:SFDesiGirl Talks


15. My summer 2015 couldn’t be perfect without a beach trip to Muir woods: SFDesiGirl Talks


16. I also talked about tricks on looking thinner than you actually are!SFDesiGirl Talks


17. Loved combining the street art with fashion on this blog – one of my favorites!SFDesiGirl Talks


18. What to wear to a winery blog from Napa Valley:

DSCN1780 (2304 x 1728)


19. SFDesiGirl at UCARNIVAL in San Jose:




20. My Halloween 2015 as a Cat Woman:

catwoman halloween makeup


21. Expressed my love of animals at Oakland zoo:DSCN1896 (2304 x 1728)


22. Celebrated Christmas in San Francisco city:Christmas Santa


23. Explored lightening houses of South San Francisco!

Christmas in San Francisco


24. Danced around Christmas Trees in San Francisco city!

DSCN2048 (1728 x 2304)



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