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My Latest Summer Look

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My Latest Summer Look Indian summer is mostly tiring, exhausting and dehydrating! Stepping out in that strong sun is not only a challenge but also requires preparations like covering your skin with a good Sunscreen, carrying a bottle of water and so much more that we forget to concentrate on right summer outfit. I personally […]

Things to do in Mount Abu

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Things to do in Mount Abu Although I was born and raised up in Mumbai, I am originally a pahadi(mountaineer) and may be that is the reason why I love hill stations so much well, who doesn’t love hill stations is a good question to ask on that thought! This summer, as Mumbai gets too […]

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Treasure Island Flea Market

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On a tour to Treasure Island Flea Market   Young or forever young (there is no thing as old in Fashion world) everyone loves Islands and if you live in a Gorgeous city of a beautiful country, you can reach to an Island with not so long drive. Treasure Island is located about 6 miles […]