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What to wear on a Girls Hangout

I am sure all of us have a bunch of one piece dresses and we use them on most of the occasions as they go pretty well on all and make you look fashionable. But, how often do you take out your long/short skirts? We just forget about them although they can be worn on several events like when you go out with your Girl Friends/friends. Short skirts make you look younger and can give you a trendy look. I love to replace my dresses with short skirts once in a while and get that school girl look :p If it is an afternoon hangout, pair your skirt up with matching sneakers and you are all set for the day! I use this trick whenever I hangout with a teenage crowd and I look like a tanager as well(although I am not much older than them!). Thanks to my short skirts <3

On my way to Universal Studio LA
On my way to Universal Studio LA


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