What a beautiful day in San Francisco

Taking a walk in Financial District of San Francisco!

It’s a city of freedom, of kindness, boldness, a non-judgement zone, where many dreams come true and a place that welcomes all starts ups and encourages everyone who comes here from any part of the world. No wonder it’s a dream to live here for many and a dream come true for those who live here already!





Guess what these are!
Guess what these are!
Dried mushrooms and Chinese herbs!

The beauty of this city makes me feel like I am living a dream as I wake up every morning and look outside my window or as I take a walk late evening and find myself walking in cloud as they come so down kissing this hilly city and that moment makes me realize what a cloud nine really could be! It is surprising how close to nature this modern and bold city is. You would find big towers only in and around the Downtown or Financial District area, rest of the city is mostly small buildings and big gorgeous houses. Off course it is probably the most expensive city to live in the United States as you might be able to buy just a studio apartment for a million dollars in San Francisco where as you could own acres of property in other states with that kind of money. But once you live in the city, you might not find any other place as interesting!

We took these pictures on a regular weekend when I took a break from studies and enjoyed my morning coffee in FiDi which looks so different on weekends. Off course FiDi is crowded with busy working people on weekdays who by the way walk really fast, even when in high heeled stilettos! On weekend, FiDi is calm and less crowded “comparatively”. Also, since are close to holidays and winters, I make sure to carry my scarf and something else to stay calm. For some reason, San Francisco a little colder this year, but yay! no snow!! Alright, I love snow but I would prefer to take a vacation to see it rather feeling so cold everyday. My hot cup of coffee kept me warm and I had fun buying some persimmon for rest of the week!

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