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Who is A in Pretty Little Liars – Season 6 Spoilers

Answering all the questions you had since Season-1!



Before you proceed and read this blog, know that it contains PLLs Season 6 spoiler for which we have been waiting to know for five years! We are going to kill the suspense and explain the real A’s story. So are you ready to know who is A in Pretty little liars?

After Mona left the game: If you have watched past few seasons of PLL, you know that Mona was the real A who started this game to puppet PLLs and she played the game quite brilliantly until Spencer discovered that she is A. In a fight with Spencer, Mona was hurt and later she was brought to Radley for mental treatment.

CECE Drave AKA Charles AKA Charlotte is A! Yes, A in Season 6 is Cece Drake who is Ali’s sister/brother for real.

Charles disturbed childhood: Cece, who was Charles DiLaurentis as a kid was sent to Radley because he was caught by Mr. & Mrs. DiLaurentis trying to drown his baby sister Alison. Beside, Mr. D never really liked Charles and always thought he was disturbed as he would try to dress up like girls. Although, Mrs. D always supported Charles and loved him the most but after this incident, she was convinced that Charles was disturbed. Charles was admitted to Radley but Mrs. D would always buy him the same clothes she would buy for Ali.

Who Killed Toby’s Mom: Bethany was in Radley at the same time while Charles was admitted there. Bethany pushed Mrs. Cavanaugh down from the roof of Radley and blamed Charles for it. Basically Bethany was disturbed and would always think that the other person did the wrong thing. After this incident, everyone believed that Charles killed Mrs. Cavanaugh, even Charles mother Mrs. D believed in it and she paid off Darren Wilden, the cop to keep it a secret. Although Charles dint go to jail (he was a kid anyways) at that time, everyone believed that he should spend rest of his time in Radley, especially his father was convinced that Charles is dangerous.

How Charles became Charlotte: Charles always wanted to be a girl and Mrs. D understood this and that is why she let Charles go to a surgery for gender transformation and since then Charles got a new name Charlotte. Although these scenes are not really shown in the show, but you can easily assume it when CeCe explains everything to the PLLs. Mrs. D let Mr. D believe that Charles is dead. In spite of being supportive, she still believed that Charles now Charlotte should spend her life in Radley until Charlotte grew up as a brilliant girl and got accepted in Upenn. Charlotte was allowed to be out of Radley only for studies.

CECE Drave AKA Charles AKA Charlotte was in Radley too: When Mona got admitted to Radley, she was so high on drugs that most of the times she wouldn’t know what she is doing, who she is with. Charlotte/Cece took advantage of this and she got all the secrets out from her about the PLLs. At that time, Mona thought she was actually talking to/working with Alison as she was on drugs and thought Charlotte is Ali! In this conversation, Charlotte also came to know that PLLs are glad that Ali is gone and she dint like it as Ali was her sister. So she started playing the A game and she became the new A. Charlotte was always brilliant and so was she at playing this game but she got so addictive to it that she couldn’t leave this game even when she knew that Ali is alive. After taking some money and Passport from Ali, she did try to leave the country but her addiction to the game dint let her go.

How Charlotte became Cece Drake: Charlotte always wanted to be with her family and nobody apart from her mother knew that she is a part of the family. So, when she met Jason in Upenn, she got close to him and dated him (yeah Jason was her brother!) to spend time with the DiLaurentis family. This was the time when Charlotte introduced herself as Cece Drake to everyone. Later, she introduced herself with the same name to the PLLs at the café and tried to imitate Ali as much as she could to show that Ali and she were close enough.

Some of the other questions:

Who was Red Coat? Apart from Ali and Cece, Sara Harvey was Red Coat who was helping Charlotte in the A game.

How did A AKA Charlotte managed to play the entire game so smartly: Apparently she had the PLLs chipped when she brought them to her Doll house. This way, she could track every move of the PLLs. Apart from this, she also had tremendous money (thanks to Mrs. D) as she was a part of an investing company that Mrs. D started and she hadn’t made any bad investment since then. Well we all know how brilliant she was by now.

Why did Mrs. D tried to burry Ali? Bethany young was a disturbed kid who already got Charles/Charlotte in trouble once. Charlotte thought she was planning to kill Mrs. D and that night while Charlotte saw a blonde wearing Bethany’s clothes standing outside the DiLaurentis house, she thought its Bethany and she hit her with a piece of rock. It came out to be Ali; incidentally, they both were wearing the same clothes on Labor Day weekend! After that, Mrs. D buried Ali’s body as she thought she was dead to save Charlotte.

Where was Bethany at that time? Mona ended up killing Bethany thinking that it’s Ali. And the girl Melissa buried was actually Bethany.

Who killed Mrs. D? Not answered in this season.

Who Killed detective Wilden? Charlotte, as the cop knew all her secrets.

The episode ends with a leap of many years showing that A is back and the PLLs are still scared of A while they are in their middle age and Ali is married!

Let us know what you think about season 6. Were you convinced with their A theory?

Picture source: The Christian Times, Hypable


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