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Malaika Arora Khan’s breath taking black dress – India’s Got Talent Grand Finale

Malaika’s gorgeous black dress on IGT Grand Finale

Today, I am glad to announce a new category blog for SFDesiGirl which is Celebrity Fashion! I think it is worth to write about the celebs whose fashion statements inspire most of us and after all these are the people who keep us entertained. I can’t imagine how life without television would be just like I can’t imagine how life would be without fashion! Just like you all, I grew up watching Bollywood movies in India and some of the movie stars left a taste of fashion in my mind. Now, when I follow them on Instagram old memories get refreshed and all I notice is how they dress up. In this blog I write about one of the best dressed(off course she is an ex-model) woman in Indian film industry and that is Malaika Arora Khan.

If you follow Malaika Arora Khan on Instagram, you might be following up with her healthy and fashionable lifestyle. It’s true that she hasn’t just maintained her body well enough but she also carries a classy look wherever she goes. Some people are born to be a fashion model and Malaika is one of them! Here are some of her classy looks that she recently shared on Instagram:

Malaika Arora Khan wearing a formal Chick look



Her Vintage look with a black dress and wavy hairstyle


Beautiful long dress with less is more accessories


I love the way her pictures are structures in a collage and you can clearly see that her look is classy, fashionable and flawless. In all of the above pictures, her clothes compliment her body and she has correctly chosen her accessories. All of the above looks are classy, chick and fashionable. So have you made your mind about which on of them is your favorite yet? My favorite look from Malaika Arora Khan’s Instagram profile is her latest post in which she wore a long black classy  dress for the Grand Finale of India’s Got Talent. Here are some of her pictures in that gorgeous black dress:

Malaika's IGTSeason6 grand finale dress.
Malaika’s IGTSeason6 grand finale dress.
Malaika's IGTSeason6 grand finale dress.
Malaika’s IGTSeason6 grand finale dress.


She wore a classy strapless black top along with a same color long skirt both of which are body hugging and why not when you have nothing to hide like body! Her makeup is nude, hairstyle is simple with a pony and only accessory she is wearing are those long earnings with a Turkish green stone in between. Now who said you need to wear same color earrings to match up with your outfit! We wish her all the best and may she keep looking perfect and inspire women of India to stay healthy and fashionable, even after you become a mommy 😀

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