5 Friends for my Beach Vacation

I have to admit that I love summer because then I can go to my favorite spots to hangout which are always in or near a beach. I am sure that you also love beaches vacations. Swimming in water, water sports, beach games or just relaxing on that sand while you can listen what waves say. Its all so therapeutic! But as you spend more time on a beach, there are few things to take care of otherwise you might end up regretting the vacation. I made this list small and easy so that whenever you plan a beach vacation next you will save time and not forget these 5 friends:

1. Sunblock Spray: I suggest using a spray instead or normal cream sunblock because they are easy to apply. You just spray them and they get spread all over(obviously you have to rub them a little). Also, make sure that you have a sunblock spray and not just sunscreen if you plan to step into water. Sunblocks are waterproof. This is a must thing to keep in you bag and do research for the right product depending upon your skin type. For my skin I use anything which is between 50-60 SPF and non-greasy.

2. Sunglasses: Yeah you are going to swim sometimes but while you are relaxing in sand, these are a life saviors or shall I say eyes saviors? Do keep a nice pair of sunglasses in your bag that prevent ultraviolet rays and takes care of your eyes well. Trust me you never know how bad sun can so to your eyes.

3. Beach Mat: This one thing is avoidable if you are fine to get all sandy! I prefer to carry one so that my bag remains sand free and specially when I plan to just relax outside of water.

4. Flats: Needless to say, you shoes wont comfort you in sand and neither can the sand do justice to them. You need to wear something open.

5. Beach towel: Have you been to those beaches that are windy and it gets really chilly once you come out of the water? Even if thats not the case, you do need something to dry yourself up! So don’t forget this friend!

My optional friend: I know there are many other things that you might need to carry on a beach but I usually don’t forget my Hat as well. It just makes me feel more relaxed blocking the strong sun up there.

There are my beach friends. Do let me know what other things you don’t forget in your beach vacation, I would love to add more things to my list 🙂


2015-01-31 13.44.24
Baker Beach in Winters – SF


A Beach in Hawaii


Beach after a long Hike!



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